How to buy a subway ticket and how to take subway in Korea(with Pictures)

Recently I forgot to bring my credit card from home to go to work that I had to buy the subway ticket for taking a subway. Fyi, most of the credit card in Korea has the IC chip inside that it is possible to pay the transportation fee just placing the credit card in the machine.

So on that day, I had an idea for taking all the pictures while I’m using the subway ticket and posting about how to buy a subway ticket in Korea. I will start introducing!

Taking the subway in Seoul is a best way to travel in Seoul. As you can see a lot of subway stations in Seoul in below map, you can go almost everywhere just with the subway.

If you want to see the full size of Seoul subway map go to the below link.

Step 1

First, you have to go to the subway vending machine and prepare the cash. The basic fare is 1,350KRW(about 1 dollar) and the there is an addtional fee depend on the distance; 100KRW(about 1 cent) for each 6.2mile(=10Km).
Press the English language button than you can see every info. in English.

Press the most left part of the button in picture as it is the ‘Choosing travel destination(목적지 선택)’. Then the in the screen it appears the amount of cash I have to put.

Put the cash in the ‘insert bills here’ part in the above picture which is in the left side. Then you can have the change with the subway card.

Don’t forget to return the subway card in later when you arrive the destination. If you return, you can get back the subway card deposit. The amount is 500KRW(about 0.5 dollar). Now it is done for the buying ticket.:)

Place the subway card in the entrance then you can go inside. Now take the subway to the destination. All the Seoul subway line do the English services that you don’t have to worry about missing the station. Check the subway map and listen the women’s English voice in subway, you can’t miss it!

Now I arrive in destination. But when I place the subway card in the machine it says ‘my subway card balance is lack’ that I had to go to the ‘Deposit Refund Machine’. I think maybe I pressed the wrong subway destination when I buy the subway ticket.

There is a ‘Fare Adjustment and card reload machine’ when you go upstairs after you leave the subway.

First put my card in number 1 part where is red in above picture. Then the lack amount appear in the screen. I put the cash inside the machine then the subway card is charged.

Place the charged card in the subway entrance. Now the last step is left.

You have to go to the ‘Deposit Refund Machine’.

Insert the used subway card where the arrow is in above picture.

When you return the cared, you will receive 500KRW(about 0.5 dollar) with a coin.

Thanks for reading.:) If you have any questions, please leave a comment.